If a girl is living with her boyfriend?

ladies if you live with your bfs, is it wrong for you to hang out with another guy ? not as a group but just both of you and if it was something you keep from him
is she messing with me or she's telling the truth, we've been haning out since March


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  • If it's no big deal and not something to worry about then she wouldn't hide it from her boyfriend. In some situations I don't see why it would be a crime to hangout with a guy friend but if she's potentially interested in this guy then it's not the best thing to do.

    • the thing was I told her I don't want her to hurt him, because I don't want to be a cause of a break up, and she told me he doesn't know, he won't find out this is going on since March so I don't know and when we go out its just me and her no one else

    • Well, I hung out with a guy friend for nearly 2 years behind my ex's back. I thought this friend was attractive, it was always just us and nobody knew and we never pursued anything. You can be just friends and hide it, maybe her boyfriend is the jealous type like my ex was. Like I said though, I was attracted to him so it's somewhat hypocritical. If he finds out, it's just bad news for the both of you.

    • Im into her too and she knows this

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  • Hanging out with another guy is fine as long as it's on a platonic level. Hangin out with a guy behind your bfs back and not telling him is not okay.

    • i love her and I don't know what to do I'm conflicted

    • Well you're getting yourself into hot water with this one. You should ask her why she isn't telling her boyfriend you guys are hanging out. If it's because she fears his jealousy and him getting mad at her then she's just gonna shoot you down when you reveal your feelings to her and prob lose the friendship. If it's because age likes you then she needs to breakup with him before you guys get into anything further. If she cheats with you what goes around comes around and it'll come back on you too.

  • I personally wouldn't want to be with another guy just alone because it doesn't seem right to me. I mean I wouldn't like it of my boyfriend went alone with another girl unless someone else is there or family. But I wouldn't mind either, Since I should trust him.

    If I was invited somewhere by a guy, it would depend with who and where.

    By most definitey, I would ask my boyfriend only when it's about guys.

  • I hang out with my friends all the time but my fiance always knows as there is no reason to hide it from him


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  • There is hanging out and there is "hanging out". One of them is OK, the other isn't.


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