Hee never replied. So what happens next??

Me and my ex boyfriend been good friends since beginning of summer and all of a sudden when we hung out on Friday night after party him and his friend wanted to go to this other party which happened to be at my guy friends house which I hooked up with of course he already knew I hooked up with him before but when he found out it was his house he got all mad and the whole car ride we were arguing about that stupid stuff...he kept bringing it up and he finally told me he wanted to get back with me but the hook up with that guy he said is what was backing him down and I was like wth he never gave me any clues he wanted to get back with me and he told me the sex and making out was the hint. And we ended the night with a fight since then he hasn't contacted me also he doesn't have a phone he uses his dads but I even messaged him on fb and I know he read it but he never replied.


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