I just love him and don't want to lose him. What can I do in this situation?

I've been knowing this guy for a couple of years now and we've been really good friends and in the past year we have been seeing each other we really have a weird relationship...we haven't put any titles on our relationships but all his friends know we are talking and that he has strong feelings for me and he has for along time...I really love him and have strong feelings for him but right now at this point in our lives we are not ready for a relationship we barely get to see each other because of transportation issues he is unable to drive because of his epilepsy and I was in a accident and I'm I've been without transportation for a year now plus I'm trying to get my life in order and get in my own place I've put a lot of things on hold and I haven't really focused on myself, I'm not were I want to be in life and he is not were he wants to be in life but we both love each other dearly but my whole fear is losing him in the process of trying to get myself together because I really don't want him to be with no one else but I know right now I can't give him the attention I would like to give him being that it is hard to see each other and we don't have our own place at the time I know it sounds selfish but I just love him and don't want to lose him


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  • I think the first thing you need to do is get yourself together. I know your fearful that while doing this you'll lose him, but you can't have a good relationship with someone when you know you're not gonna be able to give your all. If you just talk this over with him, and explain that while you love/like him, you really need to get things sorted out in your life first before you can worry about someone else's too. I'm sure he'll be more than understanding and once you have everything sorted out, most likely you'll be able to drive and seeing each other won't be a problem. I know I'm younger and all, but I hope this helped.

    Good luck to the both of you.



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