Why is it that when I kissed my guy friend of 4 years for the first time I had butterflies for days, but I...?

Am not in love with him not do I like Him? I don't even want to explore things with him. But I don't feel that with my boyfriend whom I love and am insanely and love with?


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  • Not to sound judgemental, but if you have a boyfriend why did you kiss another guy? I can't imagine a mere peck on the cheek causing butterflies. Especially since you just said you don't even like him (how's he even a friend?).

    At some primal level, something about your friend triggered attraction, pretty much that's why we get butterflies.

    • It sort of happened one night but I didn't meet my boyfriend until 2 years later. So there was no cheating involved I'm just saying the butterflies didn't happen with my boyfriend like with my friend

    • ah that wasn't specified, thanks for clearing it up.

      I still say that something about your friend triggered attraction in you. I know the butterflies, even guys can get them. Primal level attraction still happen even if we actively hate someone. Just one of those things that happens in our lower brains.

      You seem to be really devoted to your boyfriend just the same, I wouldn't worry about not having butterflies with him.

    • Thanks 4 the advice

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  • I guess you two just had really good chemistry and you felt it strongly at that point.


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  • Personally I think you need to reexamine your feelings for your friend. I've only had that kind of reaction to one guy, and I ended up falling so hard for that boy.

    • I've seen him with girls--- he's a cheater so I'm scared to risk it

    • No, don't abandon your boyfriend just over butterflies, if you are truly happy and content with him. Far too many people do that, and end up miserable.

      Haha my ex wife did just that, and her life has been really crappy, her sister told me she seriously regrets leaving me, but I remarried since so its too late even if I did want to get back with her.