When I see my girlfriend respond to his comments or jokes. How should I deal with this?

Let me start by saying that I have some insecurity issues.I've been dating my girlfriend now for almost 3 months.Things have been great.We went to a hangout tonight at a friends place where other friends of ours were also.So we decided to play a game,everyone's having a good time and laughing.My friend chris is there and he's just naturally Mr funny make everyone laugh.Great guy.Where my insecurity comes into play is when I see my girlfriend respond to his comments or jokes.It's so stupid I know.She likes me and is attracted to me,Yet I'm not my friend,I don't just naturally join a group and get everyone laughing.I know you can learn how to be more funny,but it seems forced.

How do I deal with the insecurity if it happens again,the last thing I want her to think is that I'm jealous or feel threatened or something.


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  • Speaking for myself, I enjoy the company of my funny guy buddy. It is fun to be around naturally funny people and yes, attraction can come from just liking a guy's sense of humour. However, it doesn't necessarily mean a girl will forget she has a boyfriend she loves and fall for Mr Funny. My ex was terribly insecure and jealous about my friendship with my guy buddy and our relationship suffered from that. We broke up eventually because at the bottom of all this is the trust issue.

    Really, you just have to trust her. Unless she acts suspicious or seems distant, which I believe isn't the case since you've only been together three months, then there's no reason to feel insecure. Keep being that guy she first fell in love with. There's got to be something she likes about you more than your friend so stop worrying.


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  • Just quit worrying about it. Obviously she loves you for something else, not your comedy skills so focus on that. Just have fun abs be yourself, not sit there and worry about why someone is better than you.

  • umm no lie she probably is a little attracted.

    when a hot girl walks by, what do you do? check her out and move on. you have the girl you want in your hands. and your girlfriend feels the same. just because you look doesn't mean much. its natural. just be confident in the bond you two share, she loves you for u, not you trying to be someone else.


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