Is this what you call crazy stupid love?

I like this guy very much but his shown interest in me may be fake. Like I'm a joke and he's just pretending to like me. Thing is, I can't stop thinking about and move on. Why is this? What should I do?


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  • I think you might just be in love with the idea of love.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah I understand how you must feel,

    I guess you like the attention he may give you and you like knowing that someone likes you and it may make you feel good about yourself. you also really like this guy so it seems like it would be hard to forget and move on from this.

    I think that even if you want to forget really it might be very difficult lol. I think just play it cool and

    be causious. Be on guard because if this is actually a joke you can't get too carried away with your feelings.

    Also maybe the guy does like you only you don't beleive it?

    Hope I helped,

    Love Aisling.



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