How Much is too Much Communication?

I just started dating this guy. We both click really well and are super into each other however normally when this happens I get so nervous as to what is too much communication. we both work very early in the morning , so a lot of times he or I will text first to say good morning and talk a few times during and after work too. It's been two weeks now and don't want to start making this a routine where I feel clingy, and always expect that he'll text everyday, or at a certain time. I really really like him. I just don't want to over do it so early in the game. I never send long texts or am always the one initiating conversation I just don't want to get upset if I don't hear from him one day or later in the day and assume he lost interest or something. It's like my brain goes blank when I really like someone and start psyching myself out Help!


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  • Too much communication is when you feel overwhelmed, no breathing room!


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  • Just calm down. Text when you feel like it. Don't when you don't.

    It'll sort itself out.

    • So he surprised me today and came over,so I decided to tell him how I'm like psyching myself out and he totally understood and made me feel less worried when he revealed his true feelings. Yay

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  • At the start of your relationship, you will be communicating all the time. But as time goes on you will get used to each other and find a comfortable balance of communicating with each other

    • I get that part I just don't want to over do it where we comminicated so much in the begining he's over the excitment of it all already

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