Having a crush via online dating site?


Week ago he emailed me, because he liked my profile. We immediately "connected" to each other, its very easy to chat with him, even though we are from different social background our age difference would be 8 years. He is a real person, with google info, pictures and all...

We haven`t met yet, be he wanted me to go to the holidays with him and his friend. Of course I didn't go, he is now on holidays abroad (where sun, beach and hot chicks are)and is struggling every moment to get a wifi, to chat with me. He just called me and we talked for a while like old acquaintances... :O

Any suggestions, impressions? We attend to meet each other after his holidays...

I have butterflies in my stomach...and I totally think this is silly after not encountering someone in person... !:)) I don`t think it is possible to be in love with "idea of someone".

Thanks for answers! :)

We have been talking to each other for almost 3 weeks now. We have had two dates with real chemistry going on, laughing, understanding each other.. hugging and kind of holding hands on first, second date: loooong making out. He wants to hang out more, invited me to his place...you know the" third date rule", in that pace is barely avoidable. How could I know that he is not just into sex or player... although he implies to searching for a soulmate? :/


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  • Although you don't think it is possible to fall in love with the idea of someone, it is obvious that this has happened here. And it is pretty common, even for people who fall in love in person. We idealize, we fall in love with our own picture of a person. Later we learn more and we may start to love ther person.

    good luck to you.


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  • There is no problem but you might want to try video chating or FaceTime if you both have Iphones first. I found my current Girlfriend on Match and it went pretty much the same way you described. Things have worked out great for us but we did a lot of talking on the phone and Face Time first. We talked like that endlessly for about 3 weeks before we decided to actually meet, when we did it was magic, the rest is history as they say. Good Luck

  • People that go on vacations sometimes have trouble keeping in touch because they're just occupied with things to do.

    • nono, that was meant in reverse mode: despite being on vacation he is constantly busy to keep in touch with me. I find that odd, but positive...

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