Will he try to come back after the summer?

My ex got a shore house with his friends for the summer. Once it came time to move down there, all the sudden it was an issue for me to come visit him. Of course it didn't sit well with me and we broke up. For about 3 weeks after our break up we would call each other every few days. Then one day I snapped and said I need to move on you need not to contact me anymore. I told him we are not friends and I blocked him on Facebook as well like if he doesn't even exist. He was really upset about this when I told him I want nothing to do with him yet he's the one who wanted his freedom back. Yesterday he deleted some of my friends that I know he didn't like but kept the 2 I know he liked. Why did he do this? Why not delete everyone? Do you think he's thinking when he moves home after the summer he will try to get in contact with me? I am so angry with him because we never had a fight before he moved. I never hassled him on anything and then he goes away and acts like I'm this huge burden. I'm tired of being upset about him but it just eats at me.


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  • No, I don't think he will. You made it quite clear how you felt.


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  • If he's deleted you from fb, then he probably won't try coming back.


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