Why would he ask me? What does it mean?

This guy asked me to prom. I like him but I quickly said no, fearing that he was just messing around and left for home cause my ride was here.. The next day, his friend (who was in the same class as me) told me that after I had left, the guy asked her if she could hook us up (me and the guy). A week after prom, I found out from his sister that he didn't even go to prom. I think he didn't go not because he had no date but because he never planned to go in the first place. So why would he ask me? Why would he do this and what does it mean?


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  • How can you be certain he didn't go because he didn't have a date? That's actually a reason people use.

    Why did you think he was messing with you? Past actions?

    • I'm not certain. I just think so. A lot of people told me he was serious and some, including his sister and my family, told me he wasn't. I didn't know what to do. I sort of trusted their judgement since I didn't know him that well.

    • I can see trusting his sister's judgement. I would still guess he wanted to go to the prom with you but didn't go because he could take you. Which means he wanted a "trophy", as it were and probably wasn't serious.

      The prom isn't everything. I didn't go to mine lol. If you're fretting on it, don't.

    • I'm just curious. Thanks. It was only confusing since people who know him better than I do say he's either serious or not.

  • I'm not sure, guys can be so confusing, but it's also confusing that you'd think he was messing around.

    • Well, my family and some friends say he's just messing around so I was cautious and questioned his motives. They say it might be a senior prank where a guy pretends to like a girl.

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