Long story but need serious help

I been with this guy 6 years now, from the time I was 16/17 and am now 23. This is what's going on, and I don't know if I am wrong in saying this, but is it time to call it quits? I tried talking to him, what do you think. Are we too different? Thanks in advance!

1. No passion, I know after you been with someone for a while you lose some of it, but all of it? We don't kiss, and when we do its not the same for me. He drools, and I kinda can't wait for it to be over; this may be tmi, but this applies to bedroom activities as well. When we do.. things its straight to business, or he will play with me until I.. ya and than he does what he wants. no fun.

2. I am returning to my religion, when we got together I was young/confused about religion and how I felt. He is Atheist and always has been, and thinks religion is disgusting.

3. we do nothing together, unless you count watching TV before bed. No mutual friends, no going out for bowling, nothing. He is a hermit, I am social.

4. Lack of communication in general, we don't really talk much, I'm not even sure how to talk to him about anything anymore. when I do it's to let him know, or I feel like I have to ask him to go out and have friends. I feel like a minor at times. This also cause lies to happen, and more fighting.

5. He also drinks every night, which I see no reason to, but I let that be.

Things haven't gotten any better, in fact the opposite. He watches TV, and its stuff he knows I won't like. I say something, but it changes nothing. He even tells me when to be home, and gets mad of I'm not. What's going on, what should I do?

If I leave, how? I want to be friends with him, but I have a feeling that it won't be.. even slightly possible..


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  • It sounds like the relation is dying. Perheps its time to let it go. And, frankly, you seem the much more interesting person, he sounds like a much younger version of me and the gives me the shudders. You deserve to move on, find a guy who does it for you. Even long relationships sometimes just come to an end, doesn't have to be because of cheating, because of abuse, without a spark going, they can just sputter out in a dying ember.


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  • If you are not happy, walking away is probably the best choice. It doesn't sound like he is putting any effort into the relationship.

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