What's going on with her ? >.>

Hi there,

well I'm here because I need some advice about a girl I've recently met (4 weeks ago).

Everything started out pretty awesome, we've been seeing each other almost on a daily basis, doing all kinds of couple sh*t you know, going out to eat, baking stuff, making out, went to the beach and stuff. And she seemed really into me she always made compliments to me and pretty much showed that she wanted to spend a lot of time with me. And I did the same

Until last Sunday everything was pretty much awesome with her, but then on Saturday she went on a party with her friends wich I couldn't join cause I kinda f***ed up my leg the night before ^_^, but anyways I thought it was cool though there's no problem when she wants to go out with just her friends, why should there be ?

Then when she got home she texted me bla well just got home going to bed now. The morning after she texted me to wake up and come over, and I was like okay ill be there in 10 minutes.

And that's now when things got pretty awkward along the day, she then first said , no wait ill have to take a shower first, and hour later she said she would take the shower now and then go to her brother and pick em up on the way back, after 2 more hours she said she wouldn't be able to pick me up and go straight to her flat because she had to clean up, after 2 more hours she told me she would now start to clean up, I was still cool but well I got a kinda strange feeling about that, after 3 more hours she said she hasn't started cleaning the house yet and would start now, I said okay well tell me when you're done I can be artound as long as it won't get later than 8pm, at 6 pm she then said she's now cleaning up and stuff but will have to cook with her (female) roommate. I felt kinda weirded out already cause I really don't like being hold up on. I told her well she should make a damn point and tell me what's up now, she then said she would be too hung over from the night before and just wanted to be on her own for the rest of the day. And I was like well f*** why didn't you just tell me, I've been waiting the whole day for you to be ready, she then said I should relax and I said I was, I just don't like to be hold up on ( cause I've had some bad experiences with my ex with it). Well she then said I should see things not so tight and stuff she wouldn't want something really serious right now. I told her that she didn't gave me the impression she wanted something loose, but I still told id be okay with it (depending on her definition of loose, wich I don't know atm, I don't really know if I am okay with it).

But anyways she barley writes anything since then compared to the time before she basically writes nothing anymore, I just told her that she should cntact me when she wants to do something, until then I won't text or call her for now, because well she just seems so uninterested eventhough its just been a few days now... Oo

What should I do now ?


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  • hmmm well it does sound like she was hung over from the night before and you're right she should of told you straight up that she's not feelin to well and just wanted to take the day off. it also sounds like she's got pressure from family and friends in her life too and on top of being hung over she had to deal with them too. especially having a roommate. so there's pressure on her and she probably just wanted you to relax a bit. it did sound like she was trying to accommodate you too and who knows what everyone else was asking of her or who was with her when she was sending you messages (ie. roommate).

    she sounds nice and probably feels bad for what happened on Sunday. so I wouldn't give up so soon ok? you could send her a text to ask how she's doing and that you hope she's feeling better. and maybe if you'd like let her know that you understand that she was busy and didn't mean to overact about that. its just that you were seriously waiting to come see her and you put the whole day on hold. try not to get too discouraged with things OK. she probably doesn't know how you're feeling and whether you're still upset with her. make plans to do something fun with her and just move on from there. take care


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