What could make a guy drastically stop calling or text without a very anything bad happening?

oK So the guy I have kinda talking to and have seen out ( in the club where he works and one day date) went from calling or textind something every day to NOTHING ! I am so confused. The last time I talked to him was late Friday night when he called after I left the club to tell me he had fun and stuff and to be fair yes we both had some to drink but were not wasted, anyway he told me that he liked me and I was a cool chick and I said I like you too and that I like it when he calls me, and he said he wanted to try to meet again outside the club, and that he would call me tomorrow ! so now its Tuesday AND NOTHING well accept a random commet on my social media page but nothing to the effect of hello or telling me why he is MIA,! LOL I just do not understand what is happening! Has he met someone else ! or is he just busy or is he starting to like me and that's why he is backing off, which one is it, I have NOT tried to contact him from the advice I got from everyone is just wait and see ! but how long! The other problem is that I have to go to his club for a party already arranged on Thursday but he does not know I am coming . Guys s please tell me what you think is going on and what to do thanksa
ok he did text me this afternoon just said hello, and I responed how are you and then he told me what he was doing that's all so far a few hours ago so


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  • well for me personally I like to have my other things in check before going out. I think your overreacting when he tells you to your face he hates you or lose interest keep trying don't wait for him do things on your own. I like girls to feel like calling me is whenever you want and not making it a hobby cause then it gets boring. pump the brakes no need to rush:)


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  • He might already have a gf...

  • he is not that into you


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