What is she planning? she is befriending my sis and mom?

I think it is clear that she likes me or might have a crush on me. We really didn't get the chance to talk in private because I feel as if I want to avoid that awkwardness, I mean our parents know each other so yeah. I also think that our parents noticed that eye exchange, glancing and all that...

She is loud, confident and earthy but she is shy around me. We kinda tease each other so :p

Anyway, weird thing she has been doing is befriending my little sis and befriending my mom. Is this normal behavior? I mean correct me if I am wrong, but I read an information from a relationship expert that her behavior says she wants a really serious relationship out of this.

I really like her but I don't want her to becoming really obsessed about me, because that will cause a lot of problems in the future.

my mom and her dad are dating by the way =S


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  • Your parents are dating so I don't know if this is weird or not to be honest..

    Now she could be trying to be friends with your mom and the sister to get to know them and most importantly become closer to your mom so she knows who her father is dating to keep an eye on them and protect him or she's just trying to have a family perhaps..

    Or she could actually like you and she's interested in you..

    Why do you care so much... If you like her. talk to her and ask her out... But ask your mom if its okay first since the parents are dating hey!


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  • Yup. She likes you, but you already knew that. When someone does that, it usually easy access to talk/see you through your little sister and mom. I think it's great she's doing what she's doing. She wants to prove herself to your family, possibly hoping they would push you onto her. How come you don't talk to her? You know you like her, you know she likes you, the puzzle is solved.

    • my mom and her dad are dating that's why lol =S

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    • Well this changes everything basically. Your mom and her dad are dating. What else is there to say? This means she might not even like you, but likes you only because her dad is your mom's boyfriend. Who knows, maybe future step-siblings.

    • I hardly doubt that. She can't keep her eyes off me, sometimes when I am close to her her eyes dilate, she blushes when I smile at her or talk to her, so basically she has given all the signs, that she has a crush on me.

  • she likes you a lot and yes she is probably becoming obsessed with you. I know because every guy I liked I became obsessed with for some time. I'd say embrace it. its begun now and there's probably no turning back for her. unless you tell her "i don't like you" but that would probably break her heart. its really not a big deal though and if you leave her alone she will forget about it eventually (could be a year...) what do you want out of the relationship? that's important to know. make your expectations clear before you lead her to beleive you want that serious relationship.

    • ok, but I still dnt know why she is befriending my sis and mom. is she trying to win their favor? I mean family approval and friends approval are a big deal in a serious relationship/marriage.

    • shes trying to be friends with your sister and mom because she likes you and is hoping to be near you more through this and also gain their approval. also don't get all freaked out if you think she's thinking about the long term. she is defintetley concidering the posibility as any and probably every girl does. but don't get all worried of getting tied in. she likes you now and if you like her now then see where it goes

  • i don't know I think its a stalker warning on that one, but your parents know each other so its not as weird.

    • what you mean by stalker warning

    • People that tend to be too intense and do a little weird stuff in the begining tend to go nuts when they are "too in love". I wouldn't dare adding a guys family like that, but you wrote her parents knows her parents so maybe its not too weird then.

    • ok

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  • Sounds like she is trying to win your family's favor.


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