Should I just forget about it?

This girl texted me a few days ago telling me she'd find out when she would be available to hang out. She told me she would text me back and let me know. This was maybe about 2 or 3 days after she agreed to hangout with me.

It's been two days now, and she hasn't texted me back at all. Does this mean she isn't interested? Should I text her back or should I just say "f*** it " and move on? I don't think she really gives a damn and was just being nice when she agreed to hang out with me.
I want to text her back, but at the same time, I'm not too eager to either.

I don't want to annoy her.


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  • It takes a few seconds to pick up a phone, another few seconds to go into messaging and then another 20 seconds or so to type the message, then another few seconds to find your number and press send. So about a minute in total. This is the most easiest task that even the worlds most laziest person can do. If she cannot manage this in a few days for you then she definitely is not worth knowing. It means - sorry to be very blunt - that she does not care about you. Screw her and find a much better fish in the sea mate!


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  • don't you date texting her.

    be a man. have some self respect.

    she's not interested. if she was she wouldn't say "she will text you back and let you know," she would be up for the thing immediately.

    but let's just say that she's busy (yeah, right), if she's interested she WILL contact you on her own.

    just don't humiliate yourself like most of other guys. don't be pathetic. don't text her.

    • No, I'm not planning to text her back. The fact that she didn't text back has pretty much told me that she really doesn't give a f***.

  • She's not interested. If she was she would have texted you back sooner rather than later.


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