What is he thinking?

i have been sleeping with a guy for a few months, and he swears up and down that we will get in a relationship but he doesn't want one while he is in school. he acts like I am his, treats me like a queen, spends a lot of time with me, but won't put the title on it. I really don't care if we have one or not, I just don't know if he is using me for sex.

and he always leaves hickies on my neck ( which I sure don't mind at the time;) ) and smacks my ass one of my friends told me it was him "marking/claiming" his territory, but I don't know if that's how guys see that.

i have told him how I feel and since then its gotten more serious but I still don't know what's going through his mind... help?
i have also been pregnant by him and miscarried the baby.


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  • Maybe he has a bad history with relationships. Sometimes, people can get very superstitious about these things if they have been dumped when they label it as an exclusive relationship, or maybe his family have a history of screwing up in this department and he is subconsciously avoiding one.

    • he does have a bad history with a relationship, so I can see why he doesn't want to get in another one. I just didn't know if I was being used for sex or if he really does like me

    • If you were being used for sex, it would not be possible for him to maintain the relationship facade for a long time. Think about if he is affectionate or just physical with you and you will have your answer. Hump-happy guys are not able to continue with faking a relationship for more than a month, I think.

    • well its been like 3 months and he is a huge sweet heart! thanks for helping:))

What Girls Said 1

  • if you're not his girlfriend, you're a friends with benefits or f@ck buddy. you are filling a need in his life without him having to pony up on the boyfriend and committment stuff. If you're cool with that, then you have your answer. He has told you exactly what you are to him. Just because he is friendly, playful, etc. does not mean that fact has changed. He cannot "use" you if you won't let him; and he cannot use you if you are going along with this friends with benefits setup.


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