Why don't the guys I know like me?

So I know I'm a nice person, I can be really quiet sometimes but I'm not antisocial or anything. But the guys at my school rarely talk to me. I mean we flirt a lot but I feel ignored sometimes. I wish they would really talk to me, I'm going to be a junior and still worry about being asked to dances, even though eventually I get a date. I'm not stuck up I promise, but I know I'm fairly pretty. I have guys that I don't know come up to me on a regular basis tell me I'm beautiful and everything. But why don't the guys at school do anything? I guess I don't want a lot of attention I just want something more than the occasional flirting :( I mean I've had a few hot college guys come up to me and ask for my number recently. what's wrong with me? I feel like maybe I'm just average and they feel bad for me.


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  • maybe they need a signal from you that you're interested in them before they make a move beyond flirting.

    and hey, you're doing better than I did in high school. no flirting with me, no compliments that I'm pretty or any dates for any dances


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  • Okay, I have to clear this up, are you actually 38 and attending college? If so, many of the college-age students are not likely gonna hit on a 38 year old. If young men are your thing, you will have better luck with men in their mid 20s.

    • This is wrong, I'm 16 in high school

    • LOL okay I thought that was a little unusual.

      I doubt then anything is wrong with you. You're judging yourself based on getting dates, don't you sound like an interesting, fun young lady, don't worry if you aren't getting asked out. And if you are interested in a particular guy, hint at him that you want him to ask you out.

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  • I've noticed that at my school too. And think about it like this: Say you had 3 really cute boys at your school and to all of your friends at different schools they seemed great, but to you they weren't really anything special because your around them all the time. Maybe that's the way guys see it, when there around beautiful girls at school all the time. I'm not sure but this is what I'm guessing.

    Hope this helped. :)


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