Do this things mean anything?

i was talking to the guy I like and he told me that my profile pic was beutiful, then we kept chating but he told me he had 2 go and said bye love you lots (I thought he ment as a friend) so I put bye love ya then he put love you more bye <3

does he like me or something? he never says love you lots he just put love ya and definitly no harts


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What Guys Said 1

  • lol it is kinda strange you both said "love ya" to each other but you both liked it.

    I don't think the presence or absence of hearts means anything, nor does the lack of "lots". Just could be his style.

    Seriously what you guys need to do is get together and see if there are any sparks lol!


What Girls Said 1

  • Hard to say. "Love" is thrown around so often now it's lost it's meaning. He could love you as a friend, he could love you more than that, but it's hard to say just based on that. But if he's also saying you're beautiful, there could be something there.

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