Is it bad that I don't want a relationship?

I'm going to be a junior in high school (thought I would clarify since my profile is wrong). I have had a few relationships and broken up with every single guy after at most 2 months. Each one I thought I like but little things started to eat away at me. Eventually I have just gotten sick of the idea of a relationship. But I still want guy friends and the occasional fwb. I'm not a whore or anything and I don't go around hooking up with people. But I really can't figure out why I don't want a relationship. I just prefer hook ups uncomplicated and un emotional


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  • No. Perhaps the time is not right for you. Society places too high a premium on being in a relationship. I didn't have truly serious relationships until I was in my late 20s, wasn't ready, there was no way before I could have been a good boyfriend and or husband. Needed to get my house in order first.

    Don't let the media, your friends, your family, society tell you differently. Get in a relationship when you're darn well ready!


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  • Although its natural to experiment with relationships and sexuality at that age, it is by no means of huge importance, neither will it be a blueprint for the rest of your life.

    Just relax a little, have fun with the experiments. However I will say this: Do things because you want to, and you genuinely derive pleasure from it, NOT because you want to feel "wanted" or "liked". The latter is a sure way to make yourself miserable.

  • I definitely am with you 100 % I'm also going to be a junior in high school and I can admit that relashionships can be a drag. I think that you have been throuhg a lot of expirence with relashionships, and at times when people look at the down side of relashionships, it makes you want to keep away from them. I also understand how you want to kind of in a way experiment with other guys like hang out and be able to hook up with other guys and not be able to have emotions, it is simply jus 4 pleasure. But there may also be side effects to that becaause you could catch feelings for other guys like that. But its cool, stay independent for a while, get your feelings straight and then move on.

    • you don't actually think you "catch" feeling right? I mean you realize, they develop. its not the flu.. they rent contagious.

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