Why can't he ever be Spontaneous?

Why is that he can never plan a date for us? why must I do all of the planning.. I'm a very Spontaneous person as those are the best dates.. He like to have everything planned down to the evening ending...

I try to change things and it really throws him off what's up with that?


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  • As much as guys want to be the provider and the stronger dominant one, they also look for ways in which to relax. Girls can be on all the time (like after work, they do housework) while guys have an on and off button (after work, he just like to relax). Maybe the times he isn't on a date with you, he is stressed or is on so he hopes to make his dates his off button, a time where he can relax and be himself. Because of this, he's letting you plan the dates and your spontaneity is perfect (a bonus in fact!). Give him something to look forward to.