Does he possibly have a girlfriend that he is hiding?

i dumped this guy because I was too worried he had a girlfriend and I didn't trust him.

we weren't exclusive.

on our third date he asked when my last relationship was, told me that he had a long term one a few years ago.

but he wouldn't friend me on Facebook although he did show me his account and how he won't accept girls he dated, he took out his account and showed me the list of denied requests. and he admitted he does have pics of his old girlfriends on there.

but, his photos are not private so even though we aren't friends I was able to see them through my account and he still has pictures of this apparent "ex" up. they are about 4 years old though.

but, I saw he was texting her, because he was texting in front of me when we hung out and I saw her name. and they are still Facebook friends.

and he lives with a few guy friends but he wouldn't have me over.

do you think he isn't really her ex?

or maybe he just isn't over her or is still involved with her but not exclusive anymore?

because why would he be the one to bring up relationships and how he hasn't had a serious one in a while, if he really had a girlfriend?

on the other hand whenever we went out he was very publicly touchy with me, holding hands, acting like we were together. and he would always tell me what he is up to, we would talk on nights and weekends and it didn't seem like he was on a date.

and I asked him if he has a girlfriend and he said no.

help? I really hope I wasn't dating a taken guy, I would feel so bad. but I didn't have sex with him at least.


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  • "and he lives with a few guy friends but he wouldn't have me over."

    I wonder how many would say dumb sh*t to you.

    I wonder how many drink often.

    I wonder how many leave their laundry everywhere.

    I wonder how many xbox controllers and discarded bags of doritos are on the floor.

    I hesitate to add girls I'm dating to Facebook. What if we break it off in a week, I don't want to see her wall posts or new pics after that.

    Maybe he is cheating. Maybe not. It's possible. And it's possible not.

    • i just find it weird that he still texts her and still has pictures up of her. that is the most suspicious part to me.

    • I still have a pictures of my ex on my Facebook. my main pic has her in it. It's been over for... 2-3 months now.

      I don't text. I do chat with the ex, half the time I see her.

      My attitude towards Facebook, I take it much less serious than you do.

      More importantly, are you suspicious of this guy? In general?

    • yeah my gut just gave me a very bad feeling about him. plus I caught him in some lies. he lied about where he went to school and where he lives.

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