Why did he do this? I don't get him.

He asked me out like 6 times, but I kept rejecting him (not because I didn't like him). After, I tried asking him out, but then he was like "I don't feel that way about you anymore sorry" so I stop and move on. But then after a few days, he hit on me. Why would he do that when he doesn't feel that way anymore, and he's not a player?

I only rejected him because I thought he was joking, like pretending to like a girl as a joke to his friends. My sister and his sister keeps telling me he's kidding. I'm not sure what to believe anymore.


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  • He got tired of you rejecting him and wanted you to know how it felt for once. Guys and girls hate being rejected no matter what the circumstances are especially if you really like the person that rejects you. He was probably hurt and was tired of what ever game you were playing, besides he probably was trying to find a way to protect himself from you hurting him.

    • ^This seems the best honestly, if you hurt someone enough they will lose interest or just try to protect themselves.

    • I don't get why he went back to me though after I moved on.

    • We all carry things with us that we can't let go some times, he may have felt that there was something still there, I am not sure exactly but we all do things we can't always explain.

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  • My cynical side of me thinks he tried to find another interested woman, had no luck and was going back to you as a desperate another shot.

  • Like a see-saw. One of you need to balance it and say yes.


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