Am I entitled to more?

I've been off and on talking/sleeping with this to this guy for 8 months now and we don't really talk on a regular basis, he still seems like a stranger ...inevitably he will call again asking for sex and I have fun with him but I need to connect with someone...friend or otherwise

Its been 8 months I don't want a relationship but I do want to know him better am I entitled to know more or is the situation by now an "it is what it is" situation...have I waited to late? Should I text him more to initiate conversation even if he never texts me?


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  • Never too late to find out, but it's clear that you are just a booty call to him. I mean, obviously you aren't a couple, you don't act like you are friends. You can try and push more but be prepared if he stops talking since he may only want an easy hassle free sex encounter.

  • I have yet to send or receive a text message that had real content.

    Texts, "wutrudoin?" "nmu" "chillin"

    If you want to get to know someone better, that's not how to do it.

    I don't think you're entitled to it, but I do think talking about talking more, is something to chat about!

    If that chat happens, you'll know whether TheUglyOne is right or not.


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