Why prove it to others?

Guys, if you knew a girl likes you, why would you want to prove it to other people? Especially if you have it in your mind set you would never do anything with this girl. What do you get out of it?


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  • Guys that do this are looking for bragging rights with other guys. To look superior because they are desired, rather than having to chase after their desires.

    It's rare that a guy is desired, so typically it's celebrated within our groups, at least early on.

    But, if you act like you've been there before...it usually works out even better.

  • Some guys just need the ego boost knowing that a woman likes them, particularly one that is attractive.

    Sometimes they feel comfort knowing other women likes them, that way if they dump or get dumped they know they have options.

    • Thanks...that makes it more clear to me now :)

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