How to tell if he wants me still?

Okay so I have been on and off with this guy for three years.

we talk for six months and then he'll ignore me for 6 usually, he says we're at different milestones but he loves me still. It's very confusing, every time we start talking again he tells me he knows what he's missing but then I get overly excited and want to talk all the time.. and it drives him away.. but he comes back every time. some people tell me he's just stringing me along but honestly I love this kid. I don't know what to do, I can't resist him and I want him. I'm not like this with anyone, I've tried to forget him by hanging with other guys but it doesn't work.:/ I feel he loves me but I push things to far :/ HELP! does he just use me when no one is there or should I stick around because he just gets frustrated?


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  • You guys are very young, he's probably not even sure what HE wants relationshipwise. I'll say he wants you; he seems infatuated with you, he likes being around you. He's probably afraid of the idea of being committed, that being a new thing and all that. That he keeps coming back though is a very good sign.

    You know his limits. Next time he's with you, just let it be as it is, don't rush him, don't clutch him lol. When he figures out what he wants and can embrace the idea, in short when he is ready, he'll be willing to commit. Just keep him interested long enough to make sure it's with you.


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