I get freaked out by relationships!

This is pretty crazy. I'm confident in who I am and I'm not worried about what I can put to a table in terms of relationships. I'm also very humble but just so you guys could answer my question accurately I'll tell you guys that I'm a good looking girl, mysterious- exotic, I always get guys to turn their heads, ask me where I'm from…so basically I'm OK in that department.

plus I'm awesome at first dates. I'm completely myself, I'm never too nervous, but when things start progressing, in between that early relationship start, where you don't know if he's really feeling you, I get super nervous! I blow off his phone calls, shy away, ignore him, especially when he is with his friends….all that stuff I know I shouldn't do, but I do anyway! So I'm 20 years old, and have been running away from any official relationship status.

what is wrong with me, and what should I do to overcome this….i'd really appreciate some guys to answer this question?


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  • Its not fear of relationships holding you back here

    You value something else more then a relationships or you think you will screw up the 2nd date

    To be honest I think you get too much attention from a lot of guys that you like one more then the other and want to date that guy? A lot of friends? Daddys girl perhaps?

    • Wow that was super clear :) Thanks. And to answer your questions I would agree and say "yes" to them, but curiously why would you ask me that? All those characteristics seem like a person who has it all, and has it easy.

    • It sounds like that person has it easy and has it all but should have known that this person has nothing more then himself really these people get drown into what you seem to think of being easy and having it all :/ its pretty hard to manage lol

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  • Girl you have the same problem I did for a long time, when you meet a guy you really do genuinely like you won't do that. I thought I was just a b**** for all the guys I'd blown off, but I think there's a difference in The feeling of maybe thinking you like someone, and genuinely liking someone :)

    Don't feel guilt for not wanting to feel committed to someone you're unsure about!