He does stupid things what is his problem?

1. we meet on craigslist big no no!

2. when I gave him my Facebook he tagged me in things I didn't even know him when we started texting he would alwayssss text me w.o me responding still does

3. I met him @ the mall I said ill find your dads truck I'm pulling in he drives off to park in another spot so we can "park together" I sad why did you do that he had his little sister with him he said idk! (showing off maybe)

4.he said he liked me we barely know each other! he said give me a chance please I said no you know I don't want a relationship I'm just looking for friends he says OK well we can just be friends ...BIG MISTAKE!

oh yea he showed up to my house unannounced!
and I sold him a hat for $20 because I had it made for somebodys birthday but were not friends and e more it had a j on it so he text me and says would you put a e on my hat... really!


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What Guys Said 1

  • He has been taken over by aliens

    But at least he's your friend now.. You should send him to professionals!

    Or meet with him once and have a few friends with you that know you wanna get rid of him then ket them help you to get rif of him

    Problem solved


What Girls Said 1

  • This is the trouble with meeting people on a place like that. You're likely to run into some crazies. Tell him you no longer want contact, block his number, delete him off Facebook, and move on.


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