Are you turned off by a guy who is very outspoken?

Is it a turn off if a guy is very outspoken about his opinions on controversial issues? Especially on social media like Facebook.

For example, maybe he's always posting articles or ranting about something like religious debates, politics, gun laws, and other societal issues. Again, things that tend to be very polar and controversial.

I tend to post a lot of things on Facebook and rant about a lot of things that I feel passionately about but some people take offense too, especially because many times I support the less than popular side of the argument. Many times it can turn into a heated debate, like the other day when I got into a debate over the chick-fil-e scandal and I supported the side of chick-fil-e.

Does an outspoken guy like this come off as crazy or an a**hole, or does it not really bother you? Are there certain factors that can change your view on a guy like this.


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  • Dated one of these..

    No so much, until what he said embarrassed me. That my friends had to listen to him brag on himself or go on and on about how he saw a situation so much clearer then every one else.. and his outspoken tendencies made him come of as Emotionally Retarded! It was almost like he was glad when he made people squirm. He had to go.

    Don't get me wrong. I am a pretty intelligent lady and I love a good debate, but I expect someone who has opinions to be a gentleman with them.

    • "he was glad when he made people squirm. He had to go." Not going to lie, that's completely me. I've actually said this about myself verbatim. Thanks for your answer, I guess I should learn to tone it down a bit. I guess yanking people's chains isn't as fun for others as it is for me.

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  • I like a guy that can speak his mind and is confident in his beliefs, but who also knows when and where to do so. He's not always up on his soapbox. Sorry to admit, but I absolutely hate those people who are always ranting on Facebook. I can't put my finger on the exact reason why, but it's a turnoff. Too dramatic, and obviously care too much about what people think.

  • Yeah, they're cool -to a point.

    That point being if they're disrespectful to others.

    But if they're just outspoken on how they feel and what they believe in, cool.

    But if by outspoken, you mean, "down-talking to others" outspoken, Uh uh, not my type of guy.

    • Generally, I'm not down talking as in demeaning people, but if a person doesn't share my view point, I usually don't shy away from arguing with them and debating with them about why they are wrong.

    • Okay, now that I am cool with.

      I agree with your side.

      I was on Chick-fil-e's side too!

      *high fives you* Man, we could be debate partners or something! = D

  • no. I don't like people who talk to much.

  • not necessarily


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