Is there a chance she'll come back?

This is how my relationship went.

We dated for 2.5 years. School lets out we're hanging out for 4 days straight, then summer comes around boom my girlfriend now my ex just ignores me. 6 days we barely talked, so I got frustrated and just ended the relationship. So 3 weeks No contact I end up hooking up with someone during the time, nothing serious my ex found out and just got mad and jealous and started saying stuff like "get out my life don't come back" then a week go by I stop messing with the girl I hooked up with, then my ex text me along message asking "can we still be friends" I said no because in my heart I felt me and my ex wasn't done and I know the way our relationship ended it wasn't over, so she keeps begging then she calls me for 30 minutes she explains why we should stay friends, I go I guess its whatever. didn't talk to her for 2 days after that then she hits me up and I swear we texted from 7am til she went to bed, just being us then next day we did the same thing. then after that I Haven't heard from her.She tweets me a lot and she is always spying on my tweeter page like 2 females (idk them) had said something to me and my ex texted me saying "stop being a whore" but I don't know these girls they tweeted me, then today she tweeted about my picture that I posted yesterday morning. and the thing is she tweets me a lot or retweets me a lot, but never texts me... This is a girl that we never hurt each other we was perfectly fine just a couple of arguments and then summer comes around she acts if I'm non-existent. Do you think there's a chance we can get back together, I'm hoping for it, I spent these whole summer working on myself and giving her space. Why do you think if she say she don't want me back but stay on my twitter page or tweeting


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  • Hey I think there is a chance you can get back together. I know its hard for you to explain your feeling and why you don't want to be friends I see because your feelings are deeper for her right? That's the way it sounds you want more still- but we can't read minds you have to explain that to her. So she's problay having these same feelings and the way she's treating it is by running away but really she doesn't want to. the next time she tweets you ask her to please text you. OR text her and ask her to meet you somewhere and talk to her tell her how you feel. When I first met the love of my life we were 15, I had a feeling which now I know was the real love feeling and got scared I tried hooking him up with my friends even though that's not what I wanted he did I got upset but new I couldn't be mad at him and he didn't do it again because he wanted me- so if I was you and you still want more explain it to her he did and trust me he doesn't believe in that stuff and was extremely a shy person but if he didn't I would have never realized my feelings- and now its been 9 years and I couldn't be happier he's my lover but my best friend! let me know how things work out. Ask more questions or message me sometimes it takes a few notes to put it al together!

    • i replied to her last tweet saying "lol" and 2 minutes later she texted me saying "whats up"... idkk I'm kind of scared to ask her or tell her how I feel, because last month she said she wants be in a relationship with me, but I don't know if its just the summer air or what. but she always tweets me or retweet me,

    • well being nervous about asking her or telling her how you feel is totally normal and that's a sign of your gut telling you there's more you want with this girl you have to figure it out but you know you want her and she wants you she's playing the mind game ignore it girls do this without realizing but she wants you too- take a walk or dinner and tell her how you feel I promise the results will more likely be what you want and you'll feel so much better ikowumaybenervousbut she may be a risk worthtaken

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