Is the iPad 2 too expensive as a gift to my boyfriend?

Basically, me and my boyfriend have been discussing Christmas and what we should get each other, we've made a minimum limit of £100 and I know for a fact that he is planning on spending over £300 on me. I'd like to get him an iPad as I know he'd love it, but most people would say it's a bit too expensive (It's about £329). We're both 17 with jobs and we've been together for a year and three months, before any of you say it: Yes we do love each other and it's serious :).

What do you think?

Thankyouuuuuu :) x

I don't care how much he spends on me, as long as I know thought went into it, I'd be happy receiving a bunch of flowers. I just want to make him happy and I'd be willing to pay out that kind of money for that. :)


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  • If you can afford the expense without getting into debt or skimping on food or neglecting living expenses, by all means, get it for him. I love my iPad. But ironically it was my wife who wanted it, decided she didn't like it and I kinda commandeered it from her.


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  • IMHO, it's indeed too expensive. Consider the Google Nexus7 rather than the Ipad.

    • I tried the Ipad: it's a good tool but missing a few things (which the same sized Samsung and Asus tablets have: link ) and every time I take one in hand I think about it's inflated price: that would spoil it for me.

      The Arnova seems as cheap on quality as in price.

  • If you're fine with getting it, go ahead, it's a very nice gift.


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  • If you know it's something he'd really really like and it won't cause you any financial hardship then go ahead and do it. Christmas gifts should be about giving because you want to, not out of obligation so give him what you think he deserves.

    If you're only giving it because you think he's getting you a $300 gift, then the issue may lie in, the chance that something could happen in between then that allows only for a $100 gift for you. Would you be upset that you spent the money getting him the iPad then? If your answer is no, then you should totally feel comfortable buying it.


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