How about first kiss? (girls)

actually I don't know if i am a bad kisser or not but I wanna know how about this feeling ...? because I've never been kissed :P

uhm ... I've never been ... bec it's about some of my security & I won't do it before that I find the one that I love & bec I wanna be so loyal to her .


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  • MMmmmm ... it's soft ... and sometimes juicy! Because I have full lips it's kind of pillowy-to me.

    It tastes like what they ate.

    Well, there's my two scent.

    • so it's about passion ... so if she love orange I should eat orange before the kiss :P

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    • ok ... I would do that but do she or they or any ? maybe I feel confidence about my self but I don't know if they will like me bec don't think that I'm you know the handsome guy & they want someone who's handsome & sexy ... but I'll do my best on that :(

    • I don't think that would matter as much as you think.

      Be respectful and be yourself.

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  • Don't worry she can't tell unless you tell her

    • uhm ... I don't know about that ... maybe it's about looking at each other & it would happen like this ? it will be amazing like as what they said ?

  • Kiss a girl at a party and get it over with

    • uhm ... actually I would but do she or they or any ?

  • Let it happen on its own I'm 17 and haven't kissed either and my friends that are months younger have but I don't worry about it anymore

  • depends on the person... I have kissed white, black, and Mexican men and depending on the lips it honestly is a totally different experience! haha. hard to explain but kissing just feels great all-around...


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