What is up with you girls?

Ive tried everything. every time I get into a relationship, the girl loses interest.

Like seriously? Do I have to be a complete douche bag to keep a girlfriend? Because that's just not me, but you girls force guys to change into a douche.

I always was the romantic fun type to girls, but they always seem to get bored. So I was like OK maybe I should be more rough, sexual and fun. Then they tell me I'm too sexual and not romantic enough. then my recent relationship, I was the perfect blend between romantic, sweet and funny. And rough and sexual. and she still got bored.

WTF! What do I need to do? I'm going crazy here. I'm just gonna go for the f*** buddies and forget it. No matter what I do, you're never satisfied.

So forget it. I'm gonna be like the millions of guys out there who just wants sex.

There you go girls! You lost another great guy!


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  • Wtf is up with you girls?

    More likely it's "wtf is up with the gals I'm attracted to or attract" as it seems like the gals you want lose interest.

    Like seriously?

    Yeah like seriously despite how most relationships don't work you're you're generalizing gals as wanting douche bags because you perceive yourself as nice and that's the flaw in your failing relationships and the gal losing interest in you.

    Do I have to be a complete douche bag to keep a girlfriend?

    If you're attracted to or attract gals that want douche bags.

    What do I need to do?

    Perhaps stop as it seems thinking that gals are a hive mind and if some gals like something in a guy then the rest will as well.

    "No matter what I do, you're never satisfied. "

    Seems more like "no matter what I do, the gals I want aren't satisfied". Perhaps it's best sutied to stop trying to satisfy gals and find a gal who is satisfied with you as you are.

    "There you go girls! You lost another great guy!"

    Probably more like gals lost a self-proclaimed great guy who thinks his niceness is his flaw and doesn't seem to realize just because he may be a great guy doesn't mean he's a great guy for her. Nor doesn't seem to realize if he's going to be a douche because he doesn't get want he wants likely he wasn't as nice as he thinks he was.

    "Because that's just not me, but you girls force guys to change into a douche."

    I highly doubt that it seems more like not getting what he wants from gals reveal guys who were likely always douches.


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  • Haha if you're willing to easily turn into a douche just to appease people, it must not be much of a stretch to begin with...

    But seriously. LUCK. You're forgetting about luck. You think you're just going to magically be the perfect person for the first person you like? Plus, if you change who you are every time a girl doesn't like you for who you are, how on earth are you going to end up with the right person?

    • ive dated so many different girls. With different personalities.

      Im the guy you girls come on here and talk about that you want.

      But once you have him, you let him go easy.

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    • How do you figure?

      Most girls these days are dating and wanting the douche bags more. Why? Bcuz they understand that they canbe replaced at anytime, and girls want something they can't have.

      But once you girls know you have the guy, you lose interest because the fun is over.

    • How old are you?

  • The majority of most relationships don't work out. It's a lot of work finding the right one. Totally worth it when you do though. She won't think you're boring, she'll think you're wonderful!

  • I think you just need to look at different girls..

    Maybe the girls you've been going on dates with aren't for you or something. Us girls like romantic, sweet, funny, and RESPECTFUL guys. Not a guy who just wants sex from us

  • LOL. 'you lost another great guy' ahahaha. stop whining!

  • dude wanna share your experiende?

  • wow...havent heard this before...using girls as the reason behind why so many guys are douches...PLEASE!...for one, a girl can tell when you're trying to hard to be what you're just not! so if you're running around trying to be a rougher more sexual person or sweeter more romantic (blah blah blah) she will know. this doesn't mean be a douche bag or that you have to be one to get or keep a girl. you just need to know the difference between giving and giving toooooooo much! you don't want to suffocate you're girl...attention is nice. we love it...romance all of it is wonderful, however!, we also want to know that you're a bit tough around the edges...sexy, confident, protector... in the end if YOU want to blame women...go for it...but id think twice about going to the dark side haha...in the end the woman you end up with will love you for who you are without having to try so hard (or at all for that matter). it takes time. don't be so desperate for a relationship...which is what it sounds like. relax and look into not being so dependent on having a relationship to feel good about yourself.


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  • Sorry to tell you buddy but it sounds more like you're in denial of the fact it might just be you. Don't get me wrong almost every woman I've ever known is really a lost, confused girl who has absolutely no idea what she REALLY wants,but reading your post a few things stand out.

    Fist off you talk about yourself as if you know how the girls see you. "I was always the romantic fun type to girls" or "I was the perfect blend of romantic, sweet, and funny." First off, if you were really all those things unless you are bad looking, bad in bed, or completely broke (and even that's negotiable) then you could probably pull every chick on this site.

    Chances are you're not as fun as you think you are or they wouldn't be getting so bored. "Too sexual"... there's no such thing. That's just code for not enough foreplay (sensual kissing, taking your time getting her in the mood). All women love tons of great sex, they just don't want to feel like dirty whores... well some do ;)

    You can't please some women, they want the moon. Still sometimes you have to look at what you might be doing wrong too. If something happens more than once, it's not a coincidence.


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