Why didn't my boyfriend reply to my text ?

Short background : whenever one of us goes out with their friends we tell each other .. its just a norm that we like to do .

Anyway today I was pretty mad at him.. and we had a relatively big fight and I ended up the conversation with " you either show some respect or we are not gonna continue together " because he disrespected me in some ways .. anyway later he sent me a text that he is going out with his friends so I replied " Have fun" .. and then I sent him another text that I was going out myself .. and he did not reply to it ! .. What does it mean? I mean .. why did he tell me that he went out if he did not reply to my text when I told him that was going out ?


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  • He might still be pissed off at you.

    A lot of guys really don't react well when a girl tries to give them an ultimatum.

    • Well then why did he sent me that he is going out in the first place ? plus that he shouldn't be pissed at me , I was the one mad at him! .. I know its not a big deal .. and sounds weird , but I just don't get these small stuff .. I'm new to this whole relationship issue .. so I'm pretty dumb lol

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  • He hates you.

  • Your boyfriend didn't reply because he was busy with his friends.

  • Omg this kind of bullsh*t reminds me of drama queens and makes me so happy I don't have to deal with this kind of crap anymore. FWB saved me.

    • Yea you re right , now that I have read it , sounds ridiculuous lol .. I don't know I just over reacted , maybe out of stress I don't know .. anyway yeah I wish I could get out this sh*t myself .. I hate relationships , but well I can't really get out now .. anyway good for you really :D

    • Frankly, if you're serious it's really cool. Take a deep breath and enjoy life. It's so short you know? Uf you like that guy, just be cool and forgive him for small stuff. It'll make his life and your life so much better. I promise.

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