Why keep making dates if you always cancel?

So I've never been on an actual date with this guy, met him by chance and we exchanged numbers, talked for awhile he added me on fb and we made a date- he cancelled that night because work called(he fixes IT stuff, when they call he had to go in)

We made a date for Monday- same thing happened- he suggested we move it to tonight

We are suppose to be out right now(7) but the last I heard at 5 this big overhaul of the system he was doing today is still going on he hadn't responded to my text

He seems like a really sweet guy- he's the head of this department so he definitely can't leave- and if it us work I get it. But otherwise why would you keep making dates just to cancel on the day?
We did end up meeting tonight- around 9- he did have a valid work excuse and he was really sweet and affectionate on the date. He wants to do it again but he himself said he's so silenced and happy he didn't get called into work during our date. What am I suppose to do? Deal with or dump him? I'm not too fond of getting all ready for a date and then staying in... Shaving is a bitch


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  • You're right, there's no point if you're just going to cancel...it's rude.


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  • Just have patience and see what happens. Some guys and girls have jobs that make having a social life very difficult. Best of luck to you

    • Stick with the guy. I know shaving is a bitch :P but he is a good and hard working guy. Give him a break.

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    • That kinda makes sense. But I'm not sure how to play hard to get at all. He's older than me so he's more experienced, I'm not inexperienced but I've always been open and upfront about what I want. So his iffy behavior is new to me

    • Hmmm OK. Act cool, aloof and behave as if you like him but you could be gone at any moment. I mean that in vibe and not words. Watch how he behaves if he thinks he has to try harder to keep you around. You will be rewarded. Give a little then get more. Do not be puppy dog like and so anxious to see him etc. And make him contact you more. Always seem like you have something fun to do like going out with friends to a concert, bar hopping with a "friend" and do not specify guy or girl.

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  • Hmmmm wow your guy sounds a lot like the guy I'm talking to but mines is older (Almost 30 years old) and we made plans twice to hangout and didn't fall through with them because both of us are busy but I still feel like since he initiated to hangout, he should follow through with his word because to me it seems like a bunch of flakiness after another and suddenly you start to realize your wasting time talking to this guy

    • Haha well mimes nearly thirty too! God I hope it's not the same dude! You're not in Virginia right? :P hehe

    • Hahaha. I'm in cali. Isn't it sad that 30 year olds are playing games like this and can't stay consistent? it really does not give me any kind of hope for men girl...

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