So guys say if a guy says he'll call and doesn't, he isn't interested, right?

Well I've been talking to this guy online for past 3 weeks or so. And he continues to text me and talk to me even when I haven't initiated contact. I had a small conversation with him over text yesterday because I texted him and told him not to be a stranger, so he texts me back and told me it goes both ways. I told him that when I IM him, he never has much to say or doesn't really respond. He said he doesn't contact someone unless there's a point to contact. I told him I don't see how we're ever gonna get to know each other if that's the only time he'll contact someone.

A few hours later he texts me and goes, "In light of our little conversation earlier, I decided after I get home from work and activate my new phone, you'll be the first call I make"

So that made me pretty happy. It seemed like he was turning a new leaf, despite telling me previously he didn't really like to talk on the phone due to awkward silences. He also says he's shy and doesn't always have a whole lot to say.

So I im'ed him today (after I responded to his myspace message to get his new number and he gave it to me), and was like, "Where's my phone call? :p" He says that he changed his mind and didn't feel well. I told him that he's always changing his mind on me and that I think he's just scared to talk to me on the phone. He said that was the first time he changed his mind. I told him he did it one other time but his excuse then was that if we talked on the phone, we'd be up all night talking again.

But in this case it's not like I told him he should call me sometime and then he said he would and didn't. He's the one who said he would call me willingly. It's not like I held his hands behind his back and made him say he would call me. I don't understand this guy. It sounded like he really wanted to talk to me on the phone. I don't know; maybe he wasn't feeling well, but it seems like it's an excuse as it was the last time. I don't know if this is one of those cases where he's doing this so I'll call him and the pressure won't be on his shoulders.


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  • If he said he would call you and he didn't then he's not interested. Don't take it personally or even rack your brain because you never know why. Don't call him, if he wants to talk to you he can stand to make more effort.

    • But I don't understand why he would go the extra mile and say he was gonna call me, and then say he changed his mind. This is the 2nd time he's done this, and he still continues to text me. so I would think if he wasn't interested, he wouldn't talk to me at all.

    • Maybe he is too nervous to call but feels more comfortable texting. He just doesn't like calling but says he will anyway?

    • He ended up calling me last night. :) I was pretty surprised, I didn't think he'd ever call me. He said that he really didn't feel good that night he was supposed to call. Apparently he was hung over that whole day and just wanted to lay down til he fell asleep. We ended up talking for close to an hour. He says he doesn't like talking on the phone, but called me anyways. He texted me a while afterwards and was like, I guess that wasn't TOO bad.

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