Fresh new start? (little help here please :))

I'm pretty young, but I've still been in love, and I think its better if I just forget about him and move on with my life. I think I should just flirt with the guys that I think are cute, and let love find me. problem: its realllllllyyyyy hard to let go..and I have no idea how to flirt, and I can't stop looking for a relationship. ahahhh any help on getting a fresh new start this school year? ill rate all answer and pick a BA. :) alright time to answer ready..set..go! ;)


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  • Well, I dated a kid alllll of high school, loved him to death thought he was the one, and he passed. When you lose a love it's so hard I know how you feel. I was 16 and just thinkin, "well now what?" You can't really force yourself to let go. With that being said, don'tttt sit inside and think, you'll wrack your brains out over it trust me. Go out with friends, have fun with them, and you'll naturally just let it go. Trust me :)

    As for flirting and the new school year, keep your options open. If you land the first opportunity for a relationship, what if someone better comes along? Then you'll hurt the first guy and neither of you really did anything wrong. So just kind of play the field, it sounds like you're in high school so relationships just happen anyways :)

    And for flirting, I stuck with showing interest, really. Laugh, smile, but don't try too hard. Like when you talk to guys in person. Hang out with friends of friends, and guys from other schools. That's the cool thing about social networking sits ;) When you text, I wouldn'y say play games.. just don't seem too available. As in, not texting immediately, but still being nice, eager to talk, just not super quick answers. Ask to get something to eat after school, or walk him to class. Small things, if you want to make the first move.

    Guys just really like their egos boosted. From my experience I mean that's what it boiled down to. Don't be "easy" sexually, because when girls try that they're dumped to the side. Give him compliments, make him feel good about himself, try not to be too shy you know? :)

    • Thanks :) can I ask you another quick Q?

      How can I meet people from other schools/towns..none of my friends really know anyone from anywhere else, and we live in a small town where we know everybody here. But I do go to a big city a lot, but I don't know how to meet other people from there, like at the mall and stuff? Thanks :)

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  • These are all things you learn in life as you go along, and yes you do learn them sooner or later!


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