Is this a possibility?

I was contemplating why someone didn't tell me something I thought I needed to know (namely, that he was dating someone else and no longer interested in dating/or being friendly with me). Someone told me maybe he didn't consider you important enough to tell ... either as a person he was dating or someone he wants to have a friendship with.

Does that seem true, that not being an "important enough" person to him was probably the reason he never told me about his other relationship and limited contact with the hopes I would "go away"?


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  • I wouldn't say it that harshly, but yeah sometimes there are some people who you just don't need to tell.


What Girls Said 1

  • No I don't agree with that. I think he didn't tell you because it's difficult to tell someone they're not interested because they know they are hurting someones feelings. He resorted to ignoring you because he's a coward and couldn't deal with telling it to your face. II don't think it's because he didn't regard you as important.

    • That's what I thought initially too - now I don't really know. I suppose it doesn't matter, it's done BUT he did say he wanted to remain friends. I declined. What's the point when he didn't value having me in his life enough to clue me in to the situation?

    • I agree fully with that. It's a very brave but smart move! :D

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