I think he likes me, I've hinted we should hang out, so why hasn't he brought up hanging out himself?

All signs point to the fact that he likes me. We are co-workers so we only see each other at work. I just don't get why he wouldn't want to ask me to hang out with him.

I have hinted that we hang out by casually mentioning something through text and he said 'i might take you up on that' but that is all. Neither one of us has brought it up again. I plan on doing so when I talk to him next.

But really, if he likes me (I don't really feel like describing why I think so-- I have done so before and people have all said he most likely likes me) why wouldn't he try and ask me to hang with him?

He does lack experience but so do I... I just don't get why he wouldn't jump at my offer or at least see that I am willing to hang out with him--so why not ask me to do something with him?


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  • He might not be bringing up himself because he's really shy.

    • True but so am I. I feel like he has to realize he needs to give a little bit in order for something to happen. He knows I'm shy too... It's just a bit annoying.

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