Why does he hit me up like once or twice a month?

I'm having a hard time of knowing what this guy is doing with me and what the heck he wants. I've known him for months, I've been around him 5 times in person. He took my out on a date. We hooked up almost twice, but we didn't go all the way. I didn't really have strong emotions towards it. Not since after our first date I because got annoyed he'd flirt with other girls. I even confronted him & everything. Since that I didn't take him seriously, & that's when we hooked up months later. I stopped carrying. He still trays to text & call me, but only like once or twice a month. I feel like he sees me as a back up, or someone to hit up when he's bored. Like he'll act like he's all into me, than we're like not talking for weeks. It kind of bothers me, how he'll try to hit me up out of the blue. What's with him?


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  • He hits you up that few times because he's not interested or really really busy.


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