Bf won't stay over my house.

my folks are away on holiday and when they are home my dad doesn't like my boyfriend staying over mum doesn't mind tho. Which means I always stay at my boyfriend which is fine.

Now that they are away I wish my boyfriend to stay at mine. He said he would come over before they went away, now that they are away he wont.

He was going to stay over tues and wed night but tues night he had a late sporting event so I stayed at his. and Thursday he had to be up at 6:30am for work, so I stayed at his. Its the weekend now, I'm working tonight he is having a bbq at his. I said come over when I finish work so you can do both, but he would rather get drunk with his mates. HE LIVES with his mates he sees them every day. He asked for me to come over, so its not an issue of him wanting to see me, I'm wondering why he doesn't want to come to mine EVER!
i texted him an hour ago saying "Nope you haven't come over yet and my parents come home soon tut tut I'm not coming to yours".

no reply

so an hour later right now I sent


its been another 15 mins


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  • He probably doesn't really want to, it's what it's sounding like to me. Is it really a long drive from his place to yours? I guess, try to keep nudging him.

    • its about 20 minutes. makes me feel atm like he doesn't care at all. I am starting to panic a little bit

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    • yeah I guess your right I've got myself worked up all over this in panic. I need to look at the big picture a bit more

    • Hope I helped ya. ^__^

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  • because he just wants to relax and not waste time on traffic and all that stuff. maybe your house is boring to him

    • ha I feel the same way I waste so much petrol driving to his house.

  • He's probably just uncomfortable with it for now, don't press it on him too much.


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