How do you define dating?

to me, dating does not mean "in a relationship"

it just means two people are going out together repeatedly, (especially if one party is treating the other) they talk often and are attracted to one another. they are more than friends, they hold hands and kiss at the very least. they are seeing each other..but not necessarily serious or exclusive, otherwise it would be a relationship

but my guy friend said this is "hanging out"

however I disagree. I think hanging out means you go to each others houses and fool around and nobody pays for each other or acts coupley in public.

what would you call it when two people meet and the guy asks her for coffee and pays and then they keep getting together and he always pays (food or drinks or movies), they aren't looking to be in a serious relationship with each other but he talks to her every day, holds her hand in public, kisses her a lot, they make out when no one is looking, etc?


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  • Well the main thing here is that the phrase "hanging out" shouldn't be used to describe anything related to relationships or dating.

    You hang out with friends, not someone you have a level of intimacy with, which is what kissing would be.

    Hooking up is when you're not interacting in public (however I'm sure there are plenty of people who do this too when they are hooking up-it's just not general practice), and dating means there is a public/social component to it, but also a level of personalized interaction that goes beyond talking to one another.

    The plain truth on these doesn't matter what you call them, so long as you and your chosen partner agree on what the labels mean.

    • I would call that casual dating, with some sort of weird concern for being seen in public.

    • well by that I mean we kiss in public we just don't having gropey make out sessions unlesswe are in the car or standing somewhere secluded.

  • To me, it's two people getting to know each other.


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