Guys: How do you feel about talking on the phone?

Would you call a girl just to talk to her?

Would you call ANY girl, or just ones you were interested in?

Or would you just text instead?

And how long before you get tired of talking on the phone?

My crush called me and we talked for about 10 minutes. I wasn't really expecting a call to begin with, it was a nice surprise actually.


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  • I'd prefer to talk on phone over text, just because it's more personal.

    Yes, I'd definitely call a girl just to talk, but only the ones I'm interested in.

    • Thanks for sneeringly question!

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    • No problem. How'd you mix up "sneeringly" and "answering my" lol

    • Idk I'm on my phone haha...

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What Guys Said 2

  • You must be from the internet generation. lol. I always called girls I liked. I even called girls just to talk because as you know girls like to yack about all sorts of things to each other. So my thoughts were if you get in good with one then they'll all know what kind of guy you are.

    • yeah I am 22 lol. Even being a girl, I was never a fan of talking on the phone though. I'd much rather text. But I'll talk to my crush for as long as he wants :)

  • Talking for extended periods to a girl on the phone is almost always a mistake, if you want to sleep with her. Girls want a challenge. If you sate a girl's curiosity about you, she gets bored and disinterested. Keep something in reserve. 2-hour phone convos are a no-no. Phones are only for arranging a time to meet in person.


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  • usually they only call girls to talk often if they really like her

    • I saw him today for the first time since and he didn't give me any "special" treatment. When he left he seemed like he wanted to say more and kind of hesitated and stopped near me but I was busy and others were around. I don't know if he wanted something else or to say Bye to me before he went home. I don't know sometimes I see him and he just acts "normal" or doesn't really talk to me that much and it's disappointing. I don't know what to think a lot. I'm going to ask him to hang and see what he says.

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