What should I do now?

So I've been talking to this guy over a month as friends but I know that he likes me because he always compliment the way I look and initiates convo everyday with me.

Yesterday he told me that he will treat me to late lunch tomorrow .. and told me that I can bring a friend..

My friend can't come with us .. should I go alone with him? It won't be awkward since it will look like a date and yet he didn't tell me that he likes me?


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  • You should go eat lunch with him.


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  • Yeah. It was an opening to bring a friend. Not should, but can. :P

    I think you should go alone but you can inform him your friend won't come, or you don't have to.

    You should go on the lunch and have fun.

  • Go for it, hope you have better luck than I did


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