A great date but terrible at responding to messages?

I went on a great date with this guy, we watched movies at his house. He was a total gentleman, and at the end of the date I asked if he wanted to do it again- he said yes right away- and asked if I did too

So I know we want to see each other again but he's TERRIBLE at responding to texts. It takes him 5 hours to respond some times, I know he has his phone on him and he could respond more quickly.

Is it a bad sign?


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  • Many guys are like this, not a bad sign necessarily.


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  • Is this the IT guy?

    • What? Ummm No? He's an accountant. :P possibly an even more boring job than IT :)

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    • Oh he's totally a nerd! It's cute

      I feel like I should say it in person, he's out of town for the weekend to visit family in Maryland so I'll ask him out when he returns :) or should I wait for him to ask me out?

    • Just ask him when he returns. You seem like a go getter and you know what you want so see what happens and either way it will save you time.

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  • you should have let him ask first

    • I wanted him to know I was interested