Kissing everything I show or give her?

Mandy is beyond cute we are fries for a while now. I showed her a picture of my nephew on both phones I have. immediately she starts making this kissing noise to it. then today I made her a cd and. it into a jewel case. immediately she starts kissing the case. What does this mean? I made cds for her in the past and she never reacted this way

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  • I have never heard of anyone acting like that. All I can say is if she wasn't doing that before and she is now, do you think she likes you? How does she look at you when you aren't really paying attention?

    • She will call my name or touch me. I met her brother today. I said he is nice. so she goes nice like meright? Than she crossed her legs got curled up and her eyes lit up.

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    • Thank you so much! I went through everything and I view it like this. The finger thing was a way to touch my face and I'd rather her lips touch my lips as opposed to my face with ZERO chance of touching her lips with mine. Appreciate all the help you are an angel! All the best to you :)

    • Im very happy to be of some use :)

  • Means she's weird?


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