Prom!! Help please!

I don't have a date for prom. Even though I have excuses, I still feel inadequate. I WOULD ask someone (believe me, I'm long past the anxiety) but I don't have ANYONE in mind to ask! The problem is, this is my first year at this school and I am a senior! Unfortunately, almost none of my classes are with fellow seniors. I have no way of knowing if someone is a senior unless I straight-up ask them because I just don't know anyone. I am in NHS and tennis but I don't know of any other way to meet some hot senior guys.

Girls, have any of you ever gone to the prom without a date? What was it like? How do people dance at the prom? I have only had the privilege of going to one high school dance before.

I have a dress and everything already and our prom is May 9th.

I don't want to just go up to someone and ask, "hey do you have a date for prom?" Because I would feel really awkward and I don't want anyone to think I'm desperate.

I just was hoping that maybe some of you guys on here would help me feel better about this...


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  • "I am in NHS and tennis but I don't know of any other way to meet some hot senior guys."

    1. Who cares if they are a senior.

    2. And no, believe me, no one is going to think you're desperate if your standard is "hot senior guys", they'll just think you're vain.

    Try to make new friends, and if you can't, just go alone or with friends because a lot of girls and guys do that.


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  • may 9th? you got plenty of time before prom... don't worry too much about the whole date thing.. casue really at prom unless you are dating that person you really don't spend even moment of prom with them. and don't be afraid to ask the guy yourself.. one of my friends asked me to prom cause she didn't have a date and my girlfriend and I broke up a week before it. so really don't stress. relax you have time and just have fun.


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  • Honey..I don't know how far away you moved from your previous HS but I got dumped by my boyfriend of a year(he cheated on me) 2 wks before the prom and my neighbor boy took me. Everything turned out okay and fun..If I were you I'd pick out your prom gown now and check out who's checking you out. You may be suprised at the interest. Than make friends quickly and pick who you would like to go with