My boyfriend has a girl texting my phone? what to do

He has done it before...making me mad. I done a little research and she has a cricket phone. We was texting around 9 in the morning. Out of nowhere I got a call from an unknown number. I missed the call by accident. I called back and she didn't answer. I texted no answer. When I finally talked to her and she sounded so young and naive. She sounded like she didn't know what to say. Den I received a text saying she gone whoop my ass after I asked her who she was? Then me and my guy steady texting and she called back and said aye we on our way over there. I said to myself who is this dumb female. Its like he was telling her something and he had trouble repeating it. In her background there was no noise but wouldn't it made common sense to call me from the guy phone instead of yours lol this whole thing sound fake because she was dumb clueless female she was quiet on the phone with me lol


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  • Yes, the whole thing sounds dumb, doesn't it?

    • Yea but I don't know what to think a smart person would've called from the guy phone but it was 9 and da morning so I don't know what was happening

    • Well, I guess next time don't participate.

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  • Hey there, what is your question? Could you learn to spell please, use some grammar and make sense? Thanks :) Kind regards, Daniel

  • What to do? You confront him about this weird behavior.


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