Friendly kiss on the mouth?

Unsure what to think of this. Went to a party with my girlfriend where she had fun talking to and singing with some guy (which I am absolutely OK with). But then I noticed her kissing him on the mouth. I am sure it was intended in a friendly way. But I don't exactly like it. Am I overreacting? Was it nothing? Or ds she go too far?
She is completely unaware something is up so far (probably doesn't even remember). I just don't know what to do when she tries to kiss me.
I mean, she has done it with girls before and I didn't mind. So I guess she'll be surprised now if I am pissed. I think if the roles were reversed she would totally flip. But that she would never admit till it actually happens.


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  • Your not over re-acting. Could the guy have done a crafty one and moved his mouth to hers as she aimed for his cheek? If it was literally a 'peck' on the lips after they had finished singing and they didn't do any flirting or moved away from each other immediately, then it could have just been harmless and friendly.

    If the guy is a stranger to her and you at the party, he might not realize she's got a boyfriend there.

    Only you know the situation around that kiss, so trust your gut instinct about the intentions and tell her she was out of order to do that if you decide to break up.

    • Yes only I know the situation. And I do actually think it was a friendly gesture with no bad intention. But that doesn't change that I hated it.

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  • I wouldn't like it if my boyfriend did that, you are not everreacting!...

  • Seriously, are you sure she is your girlfriend? I don't kiss some other guy on the mouthwhen I'm out with some other guy. Cheek, maybe if we are super close. On the mouth though, that's just so wrong.

  • The heck... you need to talk to your girl! How could you be overreacting? Kissing another dude? no! that's too much... You shouldn't put up with it.

    • What to say though? She will just say that it was friendly.

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    • Actions have consequences. Just communication alone doesn't cut it. Someone has to take responsibilities. Or can I just f*** up as long as I communicate well afterwards?

    • sigh... I don't know your girl... And it's hard for me to tell you everything to do... you need to begin by telling her how you feel... don't be rude or anything, be polite and tell her how you feel...

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  • Woah I think she went toooooo far lol.

    From your perspective, where does the borderline of cheating draw?

    REALIZE THIS: I think she just cheated on you, and you saw it.

    Roll up your sleeves, because its about to go down.

  • I would break up with her on the spot. And I'm not kidding.

  • You must be kidding me. I mean, really.

    I'm sick and tired of guys like you - with absolutely no self-respect, whining and asking about things that should be clear like a f***ing crystal.

    Relationships are all about respect. When you get disrespected it's over - that moment.

    She disrespected you. Period. End of story. The only thing you should do and need to do is break it off. Man the f*** up already.

    Friendly? she will say it was friendly? Please. Who cares what she says? Her words are completely irrelevant. There is no explanation and no excuse for doing stuff like that.

    Stop being a f***ing bitch and take your balls back from her purse. End it this moment. Call her up and deliver a good news. She doesn't even deserve meeting you again.

    I mean, what? Do you really see yourself spending your life with a slut like this? If you do you're insane and if you don't and you'll stay with her you're a looser.

    Start respecting yourself.

    • I agree completely. If you take crap from her, that's how she will treat you.

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    • What explanation? from who?

      from her; what do you expect? you think she will say "look eric, I don't care about you, I have done it before and I don't think it's wrong. he was so hot I simply felt the need to kiss him on his mouth. if you wouldn't be there I would let him take me home and f*** me like a cheap whore I am?"

      she will come up with some nonsense and I don't even trust you you won't fall for that sh*t and start rationalize since you clearly struggle with low self-esteem.

    • from you: of course you should tell her the reason - she's a slut. call her up and say "listen, honey, it's over. I don't tolerate disrespect and what you did is disgustingly disrespectful of me. I don't wanna see you any more." and when she starts japing and babbling you stop her say "shut the hell up, save it, I don't care. don't try to contact me, is this f***ing clear? see ya - neva." and you hang up and delete her number.

      that's how a real man does it.

  • That's cheating and you don't have to put up with it.


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