Is asking someone if they want to see a movie just hanging out, or would they think it's a date?

If they yell at you. Then they apologize. won't say why they yelled. won't say yes or no. (instead ask for your number).

What does that mean.

(in your opinion)


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  • If a female were to ask me to go see a movie, to me it would be a social date. Nothing more.

    You lost me with yelling at you, apologizing. If they were my friend in the first place, they would already have my phone number.

    • i don't really like talking on the phone, so I don't usually, give my # out.

      so you're saying that, if I ask you to do something you think I just want to hang out. not that I _like_ you...and you don't know why anyone would get angry?

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    • I am a very direct person. Both socially and professionally. I have a life motto that allows me to live honestly and without bull, it is simply, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

      If I was to ask you or anyone else on a date, I would make sure to let you know that it is a date. If we are just hanging out and I look at you and say "this is boring, wanna go see (insert movie) instead, then yeah it is as friends. If I buy snacks I always offer to share them, my drink too!

    • So if a woman asked you if you wanted to see a movie in the future. that's a 'plan' does it make it a date. if its not just spur of the moment.

      ;-)im not worried he thought I meant date. or hanging out. I was just curious. & I'm trying to understand why he'd get angry-either way, & refuse to answer on op of that,.& ask for my # above it all.

      it just seems like a huge confusing waste of time. I don't see why he didn't just say no. or its abad time. or tell me why he's anger, if its something else.

  • If it's just the two of you, then it's more like a date.


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