Sending a text to a girl?

What is a funny text to send a girl? we were seeing each other over the summer but we knew things would come to an end and she starts school tomorrow... she said she wanted to keep talking and see each other when time allowed...

so what is a funny/non boring text to send a girl?


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  • usually, I like to say fun things like, "whats up, buttercup?" I don't know if its your style of whatever, but its sure to give her a little giggle

    • Should I even send her anything if she said timing was not right and we both can't stop our lives? She said she still has feelings. Or do you think I should let her go and not contact her at all.

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    • We were skyping and talking on the phone the past few months. Things were going great then she freaked herself out because she knew she was going back to school 5 hours away. She said she is scared to hell of commitment and timing is not right for her. Her gut said it won't work but she is happy when she is with me, wants/should wants to be with me, I done everything perfect, she is attracted to me, she feels she can talk about anything with me. I do not want to annoy her. she said she wants

    • to keep talking and seeing each other when time allows. We both said we can't stop living. She texted me two days later after this convo with a pic from her trip/convention. It has been a week since we talked. I do not want to lower my selfworth or self respect because it seems she wants nothing. Wouldn't you say those are excuses by her to get out?

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